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DIY Woodland Bookends For BuzzFeed

When we we're approached by the nice people at Buzzfeed DIY to make these Anthropologie-inspired bookends for the site, we were ecstatic ! As frequent readers of Buzzfeed, the idea of contributing was such an exciting prospect. Armed with the task of putting our spin on these beautiful, albeit expensive Anthropologie bookends (they're $168), we were able to make the project our own and it only cost us $40!

Read below for the tutorial and be sure to check out the post as there's lots of other great ideas for bookends!  



• 2 wooden blocks, approximately 8 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter (a employee from our local hardware store cut these for us specially) 

• Newspaper

• Chestnut-colored wood stain

• Tacky glue

• Paintbrush

• Faux grass (available at craft stores)

• Assorted pebbles and stones

• Assorted faux conifer tree figurines

• Small plastic woodland figurines

• Scene-A-Rama water kit (optional)


Step 1.) Spread out newsprint on your work surface. Using either a clean cloth or a paintbrush, begin to stain your wood blocks by gently applying the stain in the direction of the wood on all 4 vertical sides of the blocks. You can stain the bottom of the blocks if you choose but don’t stain the top. No need for a second coat—one should do it. Let dry for a couple hours.


Step 2.) Once your blocks are dry, create a mixture of tacky glue and water in a bowl. Using a paintbrush, paint the glue mixture on the top of the block that has not yet been stained. 


Step 3.) While the glue is still wet, sprinkle on the faux grass. Press down lightly with your finger to adhere. Let dry a few hours.


Step 4.) If you wish to add a stream to your bookends, scrape off the grass using a blunt object (we used the end of a foam brush) until you reach your desired stream shape. Add a thin layer of glue to the outside border of your stream on both sides to create a seal when you add the water.


Step 5.) Paint on the water undercoat that comes with the Scene-A-Rama kit in the area where you scraped off the grass. In this step, you can add small pebbles on top of the undercoat to look like stones submerged in the water once you add it in Step 7. 


Step 6.) While the undercoat dries, start gluing down your animal figurines, pebbles, and trees in your desired location. Tweezers may come in useful during this step for holding the figures in place while the glue dries.


Step 7.) Once the water undercoat is dry, apply the realistic water effect that comes with the Scene-ARama kit. Let dry a few hours. If desired, once this layer is dry, add the water ripple special effect (the last layer in the kit). We opted out of this step for aesthetic reasons but you can customize your bookends however you’d like.


Step 8.) Add a few more pebbles/whatever finishing touches you may have and let the bookends dry a few more hours before use.


Emily + Erick