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DIY Abstract Print Tea Towel

As anyone who's been on Pinterest lately will attest, tea towels have become the trendy culinary accessory of the hour. And given that lately, we've found ourselves in the kitchen more often than not, we thought might as well work in style. Inspired by abstract prints and fresh colors combinations, we tried our hand at decorating some plain white tea towels that we purchased at Target. While we experimented with a combination of brushstrokes and repeating patterns, we suggest you find inspiration from prints and colors that catch your eye and works from there. Happy painting!



  • Tea towels
  • Assorted fabric paint
  • Paint brush
  • Masking tape or painters tape


1.) Pull tea towel taut and tape four corners down so that you have a flat surface to paint on.


2.) Paint your design on tea towel. For our first tea towel, we just did irregular dots with our paint brush in muted blue and greens. For our second tea towel, we painted irregular cube in a repeating pattern. If you need inspiration, find a print or color scheme you're really drawn to and play around with the pattern on a piece of paper before you begin working. If you have nice handwriting, you can also try painting a favorite quote in a pretty script.

3.) Let dry overnight and you're good to go!


Emily + Erick